Whatever is perceived must be thoroughly analyzed in order to be aware of all its aspects.

If a problem or danger is detected, one must ask:


  •   How real and imminent is this threat?
  •   Is it avoidable?
  •   Is it coming my way or am I going to it?
  •   How close (near) in space and time is it to happen?
  •   If it is necessary to act, what options are available?
  •  What can and cannot be mitigated?
  •  What are the likely effects and consequences of that danger?
  •  How damaging will it be for me and others?
  •  Where am I - What is my cognitive  and physiological state at this moment?


MindFulChoice® focuses on knowing when and how one should respond to what is happening instead of fixating on the potential conclusions of the occurrence. Concentrating on the former brings a hierarchy of choices, while fixating on the latter leads to tunnel vision effect and panic. MFC anticipation is an unbiased process of imaginative speculation about the future aimed at preparing oneself for identifying the best possible course of action.

In every circumstance, AWARNESS includes self-knowledge – an appreciation of one’s own traits, preferences and inclinations. Additionally an accurate determination of one’s cognitive and physical capabilities is also necessary.

MFC is distinctive in teaching how to control the tendency to react impulsively with the “Fight or Flight Response”, by learning how to wait wisely until one is mindfully prepared for the next stage – with a thoughtful choice! Otherwise, thoughtless impulsive reactions can result in more damaging consequences than the originally perceived threat(s).

By using MindFulChoice®, one can focus and sustain the proper attention to objectively examine all parameters, recognize positive and negative options and pinpoint the most optimal course for efficiently attaining the desired objectives. The accurate AWARENESS of What is happening in the moment without external or internal (emotions) distractions creates the frame of mind to assess all alternatives before implementing the choices of Where and How to act.