Life isn’t about what you think, but how you think. How you think determines how you behave, and how you behave determines the choices you will make. Just having some words in mind when making decisions isn’t enough! WHAT you think won’t necessarily change your behavior…MFC teaches you HOW to think, and that leads to better choices, better behavior, and a better life.


The MFC attitude is the positive can-do attitude, when you know you are in control. You know the secret of finding the green door, you know how to think (and not just what), and you know how to get to where you want to go. Most importantly, despite your emotions and feelings, you will choose what you really want to be. MFC is a set of tools for a brand new you – a better you, a more focused you, and a wholistic you.


Your mind cannot multitask, it can only choose between two choices. You don’t need to react to everything that happens to you. “Red doors” are reactionary. What lies beyond a red door is angst, regret, and a difficulty-filled life. Don’t walk in! There is always a choice; if you see a red door, look for a green one. Open the door and it will bring you to another choice with red and green doors. Following the green doors takes you to your destination. MFC gives you the tools to keep yourself focused on the green doors, making better decisions, and getting to where you want to go.


Choosing what to do is based on knowing what is important to do, now. And yet, too often, we never stop to prioritize based on importance rather than compulsion. Even when we know what is important, knowing what is urgent is another matter. MFC teaches you to recognize the difference between important and urgent, and know how to prioritize in your decision making.


Impulsivity robs us of our attention. Not all inattention is due to impulsivity, but following your impulses means not thinking about your decisions. Impulsivity leads us to act, and react, without ever paying attention to what it is that is driving us.  MFC gives you the tools to stop being impulsive and start paying attention to the decisions you make with Focused Thinking.


Feelings are in the mind, while emotions are in your brain. Feelings are psychological, emotions are biological. Emotions are hardwired and cannot be fought. But you CAN decide whether to act on it or not! We react to emotions. You can separate your feelings from your emotions, and you can learn to make better decisions as a result. MFC helps you separate feelings from emotions, think more clearly, and decide the best course of action instead of reacting thoughtlessly.

TVE ( Tunnel Vision Effect)

Research tells us stress narrows our field of vision. We “tunnel in” on stressors, and rarely see anything else around us when the Tunnel Vision Effect is happening. When you ‘stare’ at the problem, you end up stuck in the problem. When you ‘look’ at the solution, you end up focused on the solution.

Life is just like driving a car - you end up where you look.

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