What Out Clients Say About Us


Having an MFC positive attitude of awareness is when you develop a consciousness of your body, thoughts and feelings, not letting them control your choices, but leading them to your destination!

 Michelle, Paris, France.


The program has helped me focus on fixing the things immediately at hand that I can effect, instead of dwelling on past mistakes and misfortunes. There are several parts of the program's philosophies that have helped me.

Monica, Chattanooga, TN, USA.


Thanks to MFC, I can better solve my problems with others, by proposing solutions (asking how and what) instead of ruminating on the problem and allowing my mind to focus on guilt, anger, or victimization thoughts!

Shmuel – Jerusalem, Israel.


MFC teaches us that, “You are not born a loser – you are born a chooser!”

Now when confronting any situation in life, I choose situations thinking them through, and analyzing if the situation is thoughtful, helping, intelligent, necessary and kind!

Miguel, Medellin, Colombia