Case Studies in MindFulChoice

To help you grasp the MFC method, we have put together six different scenarios from real cases involving family issues, procrastination, impulse management, and professional development.

Each scenario is formatted the following way:

1.     Presenting Problem

2.     Background Information

3.     MindFulChoice Assessment

4.     MindFulChoice Tools

  • Paradigm: Culled from the list of MFC Paradigms, they are our innovative shifts in thinking to describe situations and how to remedy the dysfunction.
  • Principle: Of the list of MFC’s BMA to Z Guiding Principles – They are our descriptions of active changes in attitude and behavior to go beyond self-defeating habits. An animation about it was sent to you at an earlier time.
  1.   MindFulChoice Intervention

    6.   Results

    7.   Comparison to Other Methods

    In the final week of Mind Focused Coaching, the clients are asked to solve one or two scenarios that are relevant to their challenging past issues (we only give them points 1-2-3- and they need to tell us in #4 what paradigm(s) and Principle(s) they would use to help the person herein described.

Then we offer them our own #4 solution, and 5-6-7, to help them have a more analytic and pro-active vision to eventually help others (helping others is a great way for improving yourself).

The mental health professionals we train need to do the same, but with all  fifteen scenarios as part of their training, in order to graduate from the MFC course, and become Mind Focused Certified.

Six Real Cases Scenarios with MFC Paradigms and Principles