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BMA to Z Principles

Developed by Best Minds Associates, here is a compilation of the major principles the MindfulChoice™ method seeks to incorporate into clients’ lives. The six sets of principles relate to six aspects of living. While this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the change concepts MFC offers, these have been found to be especially helpful in learning the MFC method and making it the basis of one’s daily routines, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of mental health counseling.

What is MindfulChoice™

This animation showcases the essential tools used in the MindfulChoice™ innovative method for enduring behavioral change. MindfulChoice is an evidence-based, expert system that is at the core of Mind Focused Coaching & Therapy, based on the scientific principles of Positive Psychology. MindfulChoice has demonstrated effectiveness in helping our clients break free of dysfunctional patterns and overcome the cycle of failure and defeat in their lives.

Carmelita’s Personal Testimonial

Soon after using the MFC Coaching tools, Carmelita acquired a resolute, can-do, positive attitude that enabled her to achieve academic successes all the way to a Ph.D. She now enjoy a robust professional life and is pursuing possibilities she never saw before.

In the past Carmelita would experience self-doubts, negative and depressive thoughts, financial and social acute distress, anxiety and often panic attacks with sleep disorder. Her negative thinking would lead her to be discouraged, and to wish quitting university. “Green Door vs. Red Door” MFC tool made a total difference in her way to know now how to choose conducting her life!

Full Introduction to MindfulChoice™

This video is the first unit of the MFC Seminar series. The segment is particularly designed to help the viewer become acquainted with MindFulChoice™ - an innovative meta-cognitive intervention technique for long-lasting change that translates Positive Psychology into real-life practice.

The MFC Method is based on new scientific paradigms in education and training for prompt behavioral transformation. By focusing on enhancing an individual’s decision-making skills, MFC remediates the underlying dysfunction rather than attempting to treat the pathology.

A Chaotic Life with ADHD

 Does this sound familiar?

Disorganized. Impulsive. Inattentive. Over-active. Easily distracted. Fidgety. Thinking about too many things at the same time. Unfocused. Procrastination. All these characteristics may be due to the presence of Attention Deficit Disorder, with and without Hyperactivity.


Strength of a Positive Attitude

Nothing can stop someone who maintains a positive attitude in all situations.

However, almost anything negative will derail someone from success and happiness! A positive MFC attitude will ensure you a smoother and more successful life.

Looking at The problem Can Lead to Failure and Problematic Outcomes

On the skid pad simulation, drivers are instructed to only pay attention to the path around water obstacles (see the little black dot moving on the screen where the eyes are fixated). Even under stress it is imperative to avoid fear and distress to dodge Tunnel Vision Effect (TVE). In this case the driver failed to calmly focus on the solution of finding the path to evade the problem. The driver stressed out and under Tunnel Vision Effect (TVE) he only focused on the problem rather than searching for avoiding the water obstacle.

Screaming Due to Panic Resulting in Loss of Control

Learning how to share and communicate with others is a first step in confronting any challenge. Coaches and mental health professionals are trained to share with you proven techniques to overcome stress and the hurdles of life. Don’t believe going it alone is the best way to reach your destination, striving on your own to solve all sorts of problems. Striving together we will find solutions that you will not see yourself.

“Everything is connected to everything else”.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the study of positive human functioning and flourishing and asks, “What works and makes life right for you?” rather than focusing on intent or motivation. The MFC method likewise never asks the question “Why?”, only “What?” or “How?” “Why” questions focus on intangibles, intentions, purpose and motivations. Intangibles are often biased and subjective and not necessarily relevant or valuable in helping a person change their behavior.

Horizontal Flowchart of the MindfulChoice™ Model

This animation provides a horizontal view of the flow of the MFC Model from initial perception to final action, in parallel with the attentional and reactional models. An important innovation of the MFC model is the identification and inclusion of the Pivotal Choice Point, where all decisions take place. Even if one has acquired a predisposition toward negative thinking, there is a moment in time when one can choose to follow a path of positive action and reach a positive outcome.

Stress & Tunnel Vision Effect

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