Frequently Asked Questions

The complete Free Online Assessment is composed of four sections with YES or No answers. Each one can take 4 to 6 Minutes, so a total of 30 minutes will give us a very good baseline for Pre and Post evaluations.

Results are immediately emailed to you!

Free Mind Focused Online Assessment

Mostly yes, for all general population and ages.

Except for somebody presenting some conditions requiring psychiatric professional assistance and eventual medicalization.

Any condition requiring Impulse control and/or Attention Focus, and more particularly:

Procrastination, Improving Relationships, ageing Gracefully, and Substance Abuse.

Who we help

MFC is a Wholistic integrative method optimizing your Mind and Body metacognitive capabilities for Knowing yourself, mastering Present and Future – by focusing on your  Destination, What you can do and not why you cannot, and your Primary and Secondary Choice for Optimal Decision Making.

MFC is a step-by-step manualized expert system.

MFC combines over thirty years of Clinical expertise for families and professionals, in addition to over 20 years in laboratory and real life experimentation for Federal Research and Innovative Development in Human Factors.

MFC Technicians are specially trained and certified online educators.

Yes, we are having a monthly Online standard seminar per month, and we can schedule other seminars online that can be customized for your own group and interest. Please, contact us to discuss together how efficiently we can help you.

Online Programs

  • Being motivated to change
  • To listen to the face-toface and/or online coaching sessions.
  • Integrating and practicing what you learned immediately in your daily life.
  • Securing a few minutes a day to review the last coaching and answer the questions listed in the reinforcement exercises
  • Keeping a personal log book to document your journey in MFC.

In addition to your pre and post evaluations, MFC coaching is tracking all your progress, and keeps a digital memory of all your coaching sessions, face to face meetings, exercises and all Questions and answers accomplished.

Free Pre & Post screening evaluation

Mental health professionals can become certified through MFC Online Coaching method in a month through Online group meetings, or within few weeks with personalized individual training depending on your background knowledge and personal qualifications.
Please contact us to become a MFC Certified Online Coach, or MFC Therapist in order to be recommended in your vicinity.

When receiving your prerequisite authorization to share, your professional referent will automatically receive by email, the result of your computerized pre and post evaluation – as well as frequent progress reports.

We will be always be available to respond to his/her requests.

Professional Certification