A MindfulChoice is not just a choice; it is a superior mindful process of choosing. The MindFulChoice paradigm avoids most pitfalls that common judgements can produce since with MindFulChoice every possible course of action is considered for its long-range implications as well as its immediate consequences.

When making a MindFulChoice decision one will always assess binary alternatives and never be limited to merely one option due to bias, impulsivity, negative mood or inattention. A choice should not be reduced to a single reaction that bypasses the recognition and awareness of the domino effect every option creates.

Before choosing a path one must determine the  destination one wishes to reach. The ultimate test of a good choice is the degree to which it advances one's determined goals and desires.

The MindFulChoice discipline develops an attitude that elevates reason over emotion rather that “emotionalizing” the intellect. In so doing, one is no longer simply pursuing immediate rewarding feelings. Instead, possessing the attitude to make optimal choices, one will ensure positive results and self-satisfaction.

In sum, the MindFulChoice way is an acquired skill and self-discipline for avoiding hasty responses by choosing the attitude to be attentive to every situation and all its parameters. Thus, with MindFulChoice one is immune to partiality or impulsive dysfunctional decisions driven by automatic reflexes, mindless habits, and intrusive emotions.