Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is an illness that affects many people. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, as many as 19.7 million in the U.S. suffer from substance abuse disorder. Sufferers of this debilitating condition wants to seek treatment but do not know where to start. Mind Focused Coaching (MFC) endeavors to help people who want to improve their lives by helping them become more self-aware and conscious of their life decision - the first step towards smarter and wiser choices.

Generally, when people refer to substance abuse, they usually speak of the use of illegal drugs. However, substance abuse is an umbrella term that encompasses the excessive use and misuse of mood altering substances; not only illegal drugs, but also alcohol and even some prescription drugs.

Drug Abuse

The most commonly used illegal drugs in the U.S. are cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, and hallucinogens. These substances can alter mood through dampening or arousing emotion by interfering with chemicals in the brain. While the use of these drugs can bring temporary euphoria, the long term effects of the abuse of these substances have been known to be severely detrimental to mental health.

Alcohol Abuse

While alcohol is legal to drink for anybody over the age of 21, it is in fact still considered as a harmful substance. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks on a Friday night with a few friends. However, having one too many to drink over a long period of time is said to be harmful to both physical and mental health.

Nicotine Abuse

Nicotine is the most abused substance in the world. To date, more than 30 million Americans are still addicted to tobacco use. Although cigarette smoking is legal, its harmful effects, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke, are well publicized.

Overcoming Addiction

Victims of substance abuse who are trying to turn over a new leaf often find that overcoming their addiction is a lot harder than expected. Often, these are people who are far along with their addiction because they believed that they could stop anytime. The first step to recovery is recognizing that there is a problem, that stopping is a big endeavor, and then setting clear achievable goals on the path to recovery.

Mind Focus Coaching helps everyone - including substance abuse victims - to take control of their lives and encouraging them to make the best choices in order to achieve their goals. Designed for people with different backgrounds, MFC online courses are tailored towards a person’s pace of learning.

MFC courses teach seven skill blocks which lead to developing new ways of thinking and becoming aware of the self and the world. The online learning and coaching services of MFC impart important acquired skills such as knowing how to really “notice” things and how to think with purpose. Other such skills include better decision making, finding one’s purpose in life, and coming to terms with your personal operating system. The program is a holistic approach that encompasses everything from overcoming stress to achieving peak personal fulfilment, teaching you how to achieve what may lead to true happiness in your life.

Aside from online courses, MFC also offers a more intimate learning setup through one-on-one online coaching. Each coaching session with MFC provides a comprehensive examination of a person’s life, which helps identify the challenges one may face, and any areas of improvement that can be worked on immediately. Through personal coaching, you can practically have an expert hold your hand and guide you towards your desired destination.

But the first step starts with you. You need to reach out and realize that you need this help. Mind Focus Coaching is a few clicks away from turning your life into something great. Start now by checking out our services - sign up for an online course or a coaching session today.

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