What is MindfulChoice?




MindfulChoice is an evident-based, expert system that is the heart of Mind Focused Coaching. Psychoeducation to manage Impulsitivity and Inattention.

The mind makes humans capable of solving complex
logical problems. Logic allows us to understand that
things are not as they seem. Our ability to
analyze situations makes it possible to develop
solutions to problems and to lead us toward practical
It is important to understand that MindFulChoice™
recognizes and appreciates all of the qualities of
human functioning. However, executive function is at
the core of the MFC method.
1. Research into MindFulChoice™ concluded that
most difficulties arise from an absence of
awareness as to the way we think and the
inadequate attention paid to the mind-body link
(bio-psychological dimensions of breathing,
sleeping, channel capacity, and stress and the
resultant tunnel-vision effect).



A good psychological case in point with regard to
what is primary or secondary is the fight-or-flight
response (also called the fight-or-flight-or-freeze
response) that a driver may experience when
confronted with an obstacle while sliding on an icy
Research led by Dr. Meyer showed that a driver must
focus on a safe trajectory rather than looking at the
potential obstacle.
The primary task is to concentrate and appropriately
focus on the steering wheel in order to safely avoid an
accident. Unfortunately, most drivers will be
overcome with fear (secondary to steering the vehicle
safely), will focus on the obstacle, and will thus collide.


Stress, anxiety and depression
Generally, there are confusions in regard of those tree different situations. Stress is not a
sickness, whereas anxiety or depression is pathological. An easy way to look at it:
A person is stressed when the signs that are complained about, appears only in presence of
stressors. If the work is stressing, one will feel better during weekends and holidays that means
when the person will be at distance of the stressor.
Anxiety is appropriated term when the symptoms are persisting without the presence of the
stressor. If long after or before to be exposed to the stressor, the person complains of different
occurrence of tension or anxious matters, it is not any longer stress but rather anxiety. In this
example. The person still persists to be concern with the job despite the vacations or the