MFC Training For Life Coaches & Therapists

Every psychotherapist and life coach are devoted to enhancing a client’s well-being and quality of life. We are not satisfied to simply use the tools and methods that we were taught in our original training. We are constantly looking to upgrade our skill sets and improve our usefulness and work success.

Mind-Focused Coaching (MFC) has developed a method for change that is robust, enduring and transformational. The MFC Method is a meta-cognitive approach created from the integration of Positive Psychology, Human Factor Research, Decision Science and Educational Technology. It incorporates a holistic approach, utilizing Mind and Body interventions to minimize resistance to change. 

At its root MFC teaches people how to think in ways they never could before and perceive choice where they never saw it before so they can create a bigger life than they ever had before.

MFC promotes the primacy of executive function over impulsive reactivity. Our research has revealed that the overwhelming majority of errors in decision-making are the result of impulsivity and inattention. By enhancing awareness of one’s perceptions, pattern of thinking, impulsivity and inattention, it is possible to construct a mindful attitude of purposeful choice.

MFC does not focus on the content of a person’s thought; we address the patterns and types of thinking people use at any given moment in time. We do not attempt to remediate pathology; we boost functionality. We help clients understand the difference between emotions and feelings and how they do not need to be driven by their emotional experiences – nor be afraid of engaging with them. The MFC Method brings about a meaningful life that is no longer limited by the past.

We encourage you to explore our website in its entirety to gain a general understanding of our approach. You will find a number of case studies and scenarios to consider.

Training to be a Mind-Focused Coach requires a serious time investment. Typically, it involves 3 to 4 hours per week for approximately 2 months to be trained by us and learn the didactic material and engage in personal application. Subsequently you will be provided with 3 clients to coach under supervision through the 6 to 8 session module of basic skills. When all components have been successfully completed, you will be a certified MFC coach and part of our MFC network. We have an extensive marketing program where your services will be promoted.

Please, contact for more information about MFC Training and Certification.

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