Online MFC Skills Course with Coaching Assistance

Finally! A way to really take control and make positive change through YOUR OWN CHOICES! 

In this course we will provide you with the tools you need to change your life.

Our MFC online course will train you to develop new ways of thinking, become fully aware of the world around you and your own inner world, and guide you to consistently choose the best course of action for any situation you encounter. 

You will learn:

How to "notice"

Know your operating system

How to determine your real destination

How to avoid the effects of stress

How to think

How to make the best choice

How to achieve your peak fulfilment

With these tools at hand you will be able to recognize and sidestep the negative impact of impulsivity and inattention - the most common causes of mistakes in decision-making. You will become immune to biased distortions and thoughtless habits.  

The MFC online course is made to accommodate to anyone's pace of learning. The seven skill blocks include exercises and tasks to enhance your understanding and acquisition. Since the MFC method is a sequential program, each block must be successfully learned before moving on to the next one. Typically, each block is learned over the course of a week, but you can spend more time - or less - if you prefer. 

Every week you will be contacted by a MFC coach for a 20-minute online conversation to review your progress and address any challenges you are confronting.

The cost for this online course with coaching assistance is $499 usd. 

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have successfully concluded all the material.