Substance Abuse

medellin Substance Abuse

If you are suffering from substance abuse, you are not alone. More than 20 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. The current three main abuses include cocaine, cannabis, and tobacco.

People often seek treatment following a negative experience, such as divorce, trouble with the law, ER visits or a job loss. They begin rehabilitation with the goal of achieving abstinence  in order to re-enter their lives with a clean slate. Sadly, for most individuals in recovery that is usually not how things unfold at the start. The following is an example of an individual who turned his life around after battling with substance abuse with the assistance of Mind Focused Coaching.

Case Study

Twenty-five-year-old Mark started experimenting with marijuana in high school, due to peer pressure and ignorance of the potential for misuse. He advanced to opioids while attending college and it was soon evident that he had gone way beyond casual use.

One night, while coming home from a late party intoxicated from marijuana, he caused a car accident which resulted in the death of a passenger.

Mark was sued by the passenger’s family for wrongful death and he was charged with criminal offenses. He was found guilty and sentenced to four years of jail. In addition, his license was revoked and he was fined hefty penalties.

Mark was at the lowest point of his life. The future he had looked forward to was gone and instead he faced uncertainty and dread. With help and support from family and friends, Mark completed his time and actively pursued rehab from addiction. It was the greatest struggle of his life, but today Mark is drug-free and celebrating five years of sobriety. Yet while he has turned his life around completely, he still experiences occasional drug cravings.

Mark has goals for his future, and wants to achieve them, but fears having a drug relapse. He’s determined to maintain his sobriety for the long hall, but needs effective strategies and tools to help keep him on course. He reached out to Mind Focused Coaching as the professional resource to help him build on his success thus far.

After completing an assessment of Mark’s strengths and vulnerabilities, a customized program was created, outlining the framework for attaining his goals as well as identifying the tools he would need to stay on track. They included:

  • Identify his destination and visualize life with sustained sobriety without shame and guilt, or the need for escape.
  • Achieve awareness of own thought patterns and the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Help develop an awareness of choice.
  • Master the moment of choice by recognizing alternatives to overcome cravings.
  • Make time a living dimension and be focused in the present.
  • Establish consistent wellness daily routines to improve oxygenation and activate internal calm.
  • Develop positive social network; become self-directed.

MFC Interventions included:

  • Ascertaining Mark’s destination - how he wants his life to be - and recognizing it takes priority over the journey; self-awareness of how he thinks, not what he thinks.
  • Help him enhance self-awareness, especially being attentive to physical experience and the mind/body link and incorporating wellness habits.
  • Guides in understanding the nature of an impulse and how to moderate the impact it has on functioning.
  • Identify Pivotal Choice Point and optimal choices in the moment.
  • Help with maintaining focus on primary goal; avoid tunnel vision effect (TVE) and internalize success in mastery over cravings.


As a result of implementing these tools, Mark has experienced even more personal benefit. He is no longer controlled by shame and fear. He is more secure and stable when it comes to his social life and work life. When he experiences intense cravings, he utilizes medically-assisted treatment. Today, he has a more positive sense of self and his future.

Are you suffering from substance abuse? Our substance abuse coaching program will help.

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