Do You Procrastinate? Here’s How to Overcome Procrastination

medellin How to Overcome Procrastination

Everyone has procrastinated at some point in their lives. However, procrastination can become a serious problem when it prevents you from getting work done or, results in conflict with your personal and professional relationships.

Procrastination can also cause stress, which can lead to serious health complications such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study taken by psychological scientist, Fuschia Sirois of Bishop’s University in Quebec.

Believe it or not—procrastination has been an identifiable behavior for centuries. Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates actually created a word to describe this sort of behavior, it’s was called Akrasia.

Akrasia is defined as lacking self-control. A person who lacks self-control and is subject to impulsivity engages in less important activities when he/she should really be focusing on completing more important tasks. Akrasia/Procrastination can cause anxiety and trigger additional health problems, such as insomnia, colds, headaches and even digestive disorders.

Here is a scenario of a woman who has been suffering from the consequences of procrastination.

Case Study

Alexa is a 35-year-old landlord who inherited an apartment building from her grandfather. The partially occupied building is in need of many repairs. Alexia hired a contractor to remodel a few of the vacant apartment units. Her goal is to rent them out and charge rent at a higher rate.

Unfortunately, Alexa has been receiving multiple complaints from her current tenants for failure to make plumbing repairs. She had planned to hire a professional plumber, but she kept putting it off, ostensibly to focus was on remodeling the new apartment units. In truth, Alexa has more pleasure from the work on the new apartments than she does doing maintenance on the old ones.

To make matters worse, her favorite tenant, Marissa, threatened to leave when she discovered Alexa was remodeling vacant apartment units, while neglecting tenant repairs. Marissa even accused her of being a slumlord.

The last straw? Alexa received a notice from the city that threatened to charge her with fines if she didn’t make repairs within 30 days.

This was not the first time Alexa’s procrastination had complicated her life, but somehow what should have been a windfall was turning into a disaster. Alexa was fed up with the direction her life was headed. This ordeal has caused a lot of stress, which has taken a great toll on her health. She's experienced headaches, mild chest pains and sleepless nights.

One day, she finally realized that she needed help. Procrastination was wreaking havoc on her health, livelihood and reputation as a landlord. It was time for a change. Alexa contacted Mind Focused Coaching.

If procrastination has been interfering with your life to the point where it’s causing conflict in your relationships and stress, hiring a Mind Focused Coach can help get your life back on track.

MFC coaching can help you become more aware of the thought patterns that are present when you lose focus on your tasks.

Coaching will help you perceive binary choice, in order to establish and maintain clear priorities. You will learn how to maintain focus on task completion by extending time of deliberation; utilize time more effectively and meet deadlines.

Lastly, we help you recognize cognitive and emotional triggers that lead to distraction.

If you find yourself experiencing the negative effects of procrastination —year after year—, our scientifically proven, one-on-one coaching program will help you gain control over your life and reach your destination.

Today, Alexa is more focused and has self-control. She not only made all the plumbing repairs, she realized handling everything on her own was counterproductive.

So, she hired a property management company to manage the building full-time. This freed up several hours in her day.

She no longer puts off important tasks for another day or neglects getting work done. Alexa feels more positive about her role as a landlord. As a result, her relationship with her tenants has improved greatly. She has restored her reputation as a landlord. Her grandfather would be proud.

Are you ready to make a positive change? Contact Mind Focus Coaching for a free consultation.